The Revolutionary Piano-Disc Player System: Transforming Traditional Pianos Into Versatile Instruments

The decoration of an apartment reveals a lot about the taste and personality of the residents. The items that make up the entire décor of the residence must communicate harmoniously with each other to add more value to the environment and convey the essence of everything.

In this sense, a favorite item among interior designers is the sophisticated and imposing piano with Music Exchange PianoDisc Player System for example, a timeless element with a strong decorative appeal. This beautiful musical instrument reveals a more refined, intellectual, and classic taste. Interested in knowing how to use this item in your home decor but don’t know which one to choose? See which of the two types, grand piano or upright piano, to decorate your home.

Which Piano Should You Choose To Decorate Your Living Room?

It’s no secret that the most beautiful luxury homes in the world result from excellent interior designer work. The art of making an environment sumptuous and attractive must consider its occupants’ comfort and livability. One of the decorative elements used in exclusive apartments is the piano.

Currently, pianos from Music Exchange for example are coming with a more innovative, modern design and even in partnership with big brands. The instrument industry has exploded with customizable piano ideas to embellish any design project, from traditional to contemporary.  Knowing its importance for the decoration of the living room, let’s find out what aspects to consider when choosing a grand piano or an upright piano.

Grand Piano Or Upright Piano, Which One To Choose?

Traditional and imposing, the classic grand piano is the most desired format for both those who play and those who want to use it as a decorative object. This model can be found in different sizes.

The grand piano received its name due to certain internal characteristics of the instrument, as the strings are arranged horizontally, following the same direction as the keys, with the mechanism positioned below them.

Despite having several sizes of grand piano available, anyone who wants to use this type of instrument as a decorative object in the living room needs to evaluate the space available for the object, as it is necessary to leave space for people to circulate.

The upright piano is perfect for creating a more minimalist decor, as its proportions are smaller than those of its close relative, the grand piano.

Upright Piano To Have At Home

The upright piano is the most common model throughout the world. Also known as a “cabinet piano,” this model can easily be placed against a wall. This characteristic also explains its name, as the upright piano has the strings and harmonic board arranged vertically, perpendicular to the keyboard, with the mechanism in front of them.

Due to its smaller proportions, the upright piano is perfect for those looking to decorate their living room with this instrument. Its beautiful design brings elegance and refinement to the decoration.

The piano has great decorative power, whether the model is classic or personalized. However, anyone looking to use this instrument to decorate their living room needs to pay attention to the desired model’s size and the space available in their home.

If the space is large, the most suitable option is to fill the living room with the exuberance and grandeur of the grand piano. Now, if the space is smaller, nothing is better than bringing the subtlety and refinement of the classic upright piano. Therefore, before opting for one of the piano models, note the available space in your living room so as not to make a mistake.